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Yumiko ​Nagai

Japanese  Voiceover Artist

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Voice Samples

​Voice Samples


Recording Environment:

Microphone: Audio Technica AT4040

PC: M1 MackBook Air

Interface: steinberg UR22C

DAW: Adobe Audition, RX8 STD

Connection Options:

​Source Connect Now, SessionLinkPro, Session wire,  

Zoom, Skype, and other connection options are available

upon request.

Commercial (Soft, Warm)
Presentation ( EXPO2025 OSAKA)
Closing announcement (ENG)
Bilingual ( JPN+ENG)
Commercial(Happy, Cheerful)
Closing accouncement (JPN)
Telephone / IVR
About me

About me

Who is Yumiko?

Five years of experience as an MC at various events.

Like one of your company members, I feel the joy of telling people about clients’ products in an appealing way. 

I can offer English narration with a slight Japanese accent.

(I spent my high school days in the United States.)

​If you'd like me to translate the English script to Japanese, it is available at an additional charge.

I have a recording booth in my house that will deliver high-quality audio.

The prompt and polite response to any requests for revisions.

Yumiko’s voice

My voice has been described as corporate, soft, warm, solid, resonant, trustworthy, and soothing when playing middle-aged, and young adult voices. Yet, can feel  smiling, and bubbly when playing teenage, young adult, and girl-next-door voices. 

As a VoiceOver artist, I stand on the customer’s perspective and deeply understand what kind of voice they are looking for.


The strength of my experience as MC:

I have brightened up those memorable and special days at wedding ceremonies, memorial ceremonies, and reception parties.

“I understand that there have been countless hours spent preparing until this day. I’m sure your company goes through the same kind of hardships where you invest significant efforts to create new products and services.”


I value “bringing out many smiles” from the works I produce.

Get in touch

If you have a voiceover project that needs quality and clarity, contact me for a free, no-obligation project sample.

I will deliver an audio file of your script so that you can decide if I am the right voice for your project.

I offer several methods of payment to choose from, such as PayPal, Payoneer or Wise.

Contact me

Contact Me

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